CEO and Founder: David Saffell

David is the CEO and Founder of Faktor1 Entertainment located in San Leandro, California and serving the San Francisco Oakland area. Faktor1 provides affordable entertainment and music recording services to those seeking to get their material out to the main stream and get noticed.

Born in Washington DC in 1954,  David Saffell has always been around music. His father was a piano player and had his own group, my uncle was a drummer and played with several local groups in the DC area including Chuck Brown and recorded with Otis Redding. He was raised on Motown, Rock/Funk and doing things the old school way. He began studying piano at age 10 and later went on to drums.

David moved to California in the late sixties finishing up lessons at the Conservatory of Music in Burlingame California.  In College, he majored in broadcast and recording. In the mid 70’s, he married, raised a family, and when his kids were growing up, he ran a recording studio and occasionally played drums.

David took a break from music in 1983 to produce a television show, Video Panorama, for cable and local markets for two seasons.

David has also worked in radio for a time at KSOL and KMPX. Through the years, he has had the pleasure to work with many artists, such as Mary Wells, Little Milton, Buddy Miles, N’Dea Davenport, and The Natural Four to name a few.

With his kids grown, and recently retired from his position at Comcast as an IT engineer, David formed Faktor1 Entertainment. In addition to serving as CEO of Faktor1, Dave loves to play jazz, funk, reggae — just about everything. A few years back he released a jazz CD entitled Bay Style; it was well received overseas. These days he spends his time producing and performing.  His commitment to GOD and music is unwavering.

  • 40 years experience as a musician.
  • 30 years experience as a producer of audio, video and entertainment in the television, radio and recording industry.
  • Conservatory of Music, Burlingame, CA trained musician.
  • Majored in Broadcasting and Recording in college.
  • San Francisco Oakland Bay Area based.