Collaborator: Wildress Young

Born in Jacksonville, Mississippi in April 1953, Will moved with his family to Redwood City, California at a early age.  Eventually settling in the East Palo Alto area of California, he attended Ravenswood High School where he played drums in the marching band. Will has always had the gift of rhythm — and in 1971 after graduating from high school, he began his career with the Windy City Show Band.

All throughout the 70’s and 80’s, Will worked with a multitude of the best show bands in the San Francisco Bay Area. East Sounds, Solid Ground, Sass The Mighty Generation  just to name a few. Will traveled to Las Vegas from time to time working with The Good Life Band and in 1979, he joined the Supermax European Tour.

His list of artists he has worked with is staggering, ranging From Etta James  to Bernie Worrell  with 21 others in between. A very well-respected and sought-after drummer these days, Will continues to travel to new places as well as blessing us with his rhythmic mastery. You can hear his work on Rodney Byrd’s CD “Save The Byrd” track entitled “EK”. You will also hear his work on several of our songs in the near future.