Dewitt Perkins: Author, writer, poet.

Dewitt Perkins: Writer, Poet

DeWitt says:

Writing is my sanctuary.
Poetry is my place of peace.

DeWitt Perkins was born and raised in Oakland, California.  He was a single parent (daughter) for 22 years. Now retired, he and his wife are living in New Orleans.

He began his career writing poetry for a couple of small magazines:

  • New Orleans East Magazine
  • Charlene’s Magazine

DeWitt has published works through Authorhouse-Online:

  • A paperback entitled “A Mixture of Moments”(2004)
  • An eBook, “Someday from Within” (2013)

Dewitt served as a wedding and special events coordinator for 3 years (1999-2001) and was able to put his work in the Essence Souvenir Program. Currently, Dewitt writes on request for people for special events and or moments and has done open mic parties with musicians and other artists.

Inspiration for His Latest CD:

Dewitt happened to be in Texas during and after Katrina and was living in New Orleans at that time.

An experience never forgotten.

He gets by knowing that GOD is in the blessing business.

He’s not just 9-5.

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Latest CD Release:
Never to Never…Remembering Katrina

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